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We are a group of three individuals that lived through the 2018 Lower East Rift Zone (LERZ) eruption.  It was a whirlwind year to say the least. It all started in January with a false missile alert, we had flooding and of course volcanic eruptions. There were lots of eruptions.  In fact there were a total of 24 fissures that opened up and were active at various times and some more than once.

The three of us formed an LLC with the intention of using tourism as a way to help the community heal by giving back 35% of our net revenue.  To this day, we still have neighbors that have no access to their homes.  We intend to change that.  That is just one of the projects that we intend to take on.

We would love the opportunity to show you what the eruption brought into our neighborhood and share our experiences with you.  We hope you have a better understanding of what occurred, what the people of this community endured and how resilient the people of Hawaii are. To learn more about the three of us please click on the About Us link at the top of the page.

We provide private tours of Fissure 8 and the 2018 eruption within Leilani Estates.  We own all of our properties and are fully insured.  Most tour companies are currently trespassing on private property although they tell you they have permission to be there, they do not.  In most cased the property owner has no idea that tours are being conducted on their property.

Groups are welcome along with families with children ages 8 and over are encouraged to participate and experience touching the lava, be amazed by huge cracks across acres of property and hear the stories of those who experienced the dramatic emotions of the 2018 lava flow in Leilani Estates.

Rod and his brother on the "throne"
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Tour Reviews



Awesome tour! One of a kind tour with personal stories that will leave you stunned. Walk through these properties and see the devastation that this volcano caused. Walk through a fissure and feel that heat that still resonates. This is a must see tour that you won’t forget.

Yolanda Serrano


This tour was grand as it was intimate, well informed; literally and figuratively down to earth! Heath was my tour guide and Ron joined the tour at times. They are superb! I highly recommend it. Mahalo!