Before You Go

Before you leave for the tour we just have some quick suggestions to help make sure everything goes smoothly.


Make sure that you dress appropriately.

Shorts or long pants are perfect for the daytime tour (Adventure Tour or Pick 2 Tour).  If you are doing the Pau Hana and Talk Story tour then it is highly suggested that you bring a light jacket and long pants for after sunset.  We can get some pretty intense sun in Hawaii and even more so now that the rain forest in the area has been wiped out so sunscreen is recommended  and don’t forget your sunglasses.  If you like to take extra precautions then you might want to wear a hat.

You must wear closed toed shoes to come on the tour.  Tennis shoes are perfect! No heals (you would be surprised), no open toed shoes, no flip flops and NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is for your own safety. The lava rock is razor sharp, there is Pele’s hair and they also help with better grip when walking on the lava field or up the side of a fissure.


Don’t forget your camera.

There are numerous photo opportunities on the tour.  Bring your phone or your camera or bring both!  You will definitely want to take a lot of pictures.  We will be more than happy to take photos for you so that you are all in the photo together.




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