This tours offers the viewing of two different properties and of course you still get the intimate and unique experience.  All this while enjoying some food and drink. After the tour is complete on the second property, we will relax in front of a campfire, eat, have a drink and talk story.  You will have the opportunity to listen to stories from the eruption and/or ask questions until your heart is content.  The campfire will be weather permitting but the tour, food, drink and talk story goes on regardless of rain or shine!  This is a very good opportunity to spend some quality time with the property owners and hear stories about the eruption and get to know one another.

If your group is 8 or more people you will have the opportunity to pick the second property to visit on the tour of which your choices are:  1) The Canyon, 2) the Fissures’ Views, 3) Fissure 9 and the Remnants of a House.   If you are not part of a larger group you can request the second property based on your interest but majority request prevails.  If you have specific questions on what each property has to offer to please call us direct at 808-932-2000 and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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August 17, 2021

Rod was very knowledgeable and loved to talk story about the experience of living through the eruption. An eye opening tour seeing first hand an intimate look at the devastation and how it affected the community. I love all the stories of community coming together and helping each other through such a difficult time. Ho’o’mau (perseverance) The power of mother nature is “awe” inspiring!

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